95% of email reaching companies is infected and/or is spam, Panda Email Security filters email from the cloud before it enters your network. Poor email security protection can lead to latency, email server downtime, network unavailability, productivity loss and disruption of business activities. Email Protection requires no client infrastructure, offers immediate, effective protection against viruses and spam, and is incredibly simple to use.

Email Protection lets administrators configure security profiles by user, company, or domain. Its Web console can be accessed anywhere, anytime – allows administrators to manage usage policies and quarantines for the whole organization.

Email Protection includes powerful antivirus and antispam engines operating in the cloud so it does not impact your network.
It comprises a multi-layer system of filters for inbound and outbound email, using multiple connection, antivirus and content filters to deliver the most effective security.

Email Protection provides continuous email access and use via its web console. Additionally, a webmail service allows users to compose, receive and send messages at all times.
In the event of email server failure, Email Protection will continue to receive and store inbound mail in order to deliver it when the server is recovered. During this time, users can access their email via webmail or the dashboard.

The Email Protection dashboard provides administrators with a dynamic view of system status and filtering activity for various timeframes.
It offers reports for users and administrators, and sends filtering information to company and domain administrators.

Email Protection Datasheet

Minimum specs:
SMTP based email