What are fixed line services?

Analogue Lines – Single and Multi Lines
ISDN Circuits – ISDN2 and ISDN30

Analogue Lines

Single line – A single analogue line is a basic fixed telephone line which uses a standard socket. These are traditionally used for voice, fax and PDQ lines for small offices. They are also used as the “bearer line” for a standard Broadband service.

Multi line – If a business makes and receives lots of calls, it’s worth investing in multiple analogue lines for efficiency. Multi lines allow more than one call on the line at any one time (dependent on how many lines)

Features that can be added

Extra features can be added to analogue lines including
Call diversion
Call waiting
Call minder
Call display

ISDN Circuits

ISDN lines are digital lines which offer a higher quality of voice calls and can also be used for transferring data

A single ISDN2 Line has 2 separate channels so you can make or receive 2 calls at the same time, if you need more capacity to handle more calls you can add more ISDN2 circuits

ISDN30 Lines work in a similar way to the ISDN2 however they offer capability to have up to 30 channels on one circuit