Virtual numbers

A virtual number is a telephone number that isn’t directly associated with a telephone line. These are inbound numbers and can easily be directed to another number such as a fixed line, mobile or VoIP line.

Virtual numbers can be geographic numbers (01,02 & 03) or Non-geographic (0844, 0800, 0871 & 090) For geographic numbers you don’t have to have area codes just for where you are located, we can provide you with numbers for other areas too. This is a great way of giving smaller businesses local presence.

Non-geographic numbers give a business a national presence. How much the customer pays to call your company is dependent on the prefix you choose, which can vary from free, to low cost, to premium.

Business Benefits

  • Keep numbers for life – inbound numbers are independent of location
  • Improve disaster recovery – instantly point your inbound number to another number, in the case if there being a fault on your phone line
  • Present your business as a national company, choose numbers from various geographic areas or choose a non geographic number