No Adaptive Defense 360 client was infected by WannaCry

No Panda Security client running Adaptive Defense 360 was infected by WannaCry Ransomware, WannaCry successfully exploited Windows vulnerability (MS17-010) to rapidly infect entire outdated networks with no user interaction. Even patched systems were vulnerable to WannaCry through a rogue email attachment or link.

Users of the next-gen Adaptive Defense 360 from Panda Security were protected against WannaCry before its release, while companies protected by traditional antivirus had to wait for a security update and risked infection.

This will happen again. Cybercriminals will replicate this attack using new zero-day malware variants targeting unpatched vulnerabilities.

Why Adaptive Defense 360?

Protects against new unknown zero-day malware such as WannaCry Next-gen Endpoint Detection and Response service (EDR)
Protects legacy operating systems including XP SP2, Server 2003 SP2 & later.

Can run alongside security solutions from other vendors as Adaptive Defense.

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