When you fit an access control system in a building, doors are controlled with proximity readers. When you reach a door an authorised token is presented directly to the reader. In most situations this is efficient and convenient. Sometimes, however, it is useful to go through doorways without stopping to present a token. Especially if your hands are full. Fitting our Hands free
interface means that the door unlocks as the user approaches.

Hands free access opens up a number of possibilities for any site. It helps companies to easily conform to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), ensuring a building provides adequate disabled access. Companies have a legal responsibility to take ‘reasonable’ steps to provide disabled access. Hands free entry is also extremely useful to provide ease of access through doors in warehouses or to provide contactless hygienic access in hospitals and ‘clean room’ environments.

Unlike most hands free solutions available for access control systems, there is a choice from a range of stylish and discreet readers. A building is not compromised by large unsightly readers.

The read range remains excellent; you get the best of both worlds. Installing hands free access usually requires a huge investment in time and money. With Paxton Access hands free, the installation costs are low and it is not time consuming to fit it. The great thing about Paxton Access hands free access is that you don’t have to make your decision straight away; if you think this is
a feature that might be needed in the future, fitting it to an existing system couldn’t be easier. It also means that hands free tokens are only given to the people that need them. The hands free enabled reader will still work as a proximity reader for those using standard tokens.

Hands free access from Paxton Access is simple, economic and flexible.

DS1061 Net2 Hands free interface