Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that allows both power and data to be passed along Ethernet cabling, the most common type of cable being Cat5. Ethernet is the collection of structured data cabling that already exists to connect all local area network (LAN) based equipment, for example PCs.

By combining Net2 plus ACU’s with PoE, Paxton access control systems become even faster, easier and cheaper to install. You no longer need to include a separate mains power supply, saving
on extra cabling and installation time. PoE simply plugs straight into the existing LAN using a standard RJ45 plug (providing it is powered by either a PoE switch or a PoE injector). It can then be
detected and configured from the Net2 software in exactly the same way as any other Net2 access control unit.

Net2 plus control units with PoE are designed to work seamlessly in the event of a communications failure, meaning the control unit will continue to permit or deny access to users as appropriate. Once communications are re-established the activity is reported back to the PC.

DS1042 Power over Ethernet (PoE) in cabinet