Our Proximity energy saving reader minimises energy wastage and saves customers money on their utility bills. The reader cover is designed to retain a user card. Once inserted, the
card’s presence in the reader toggles a relay that switches on all connected equipment. When the card is removed, the relay toggles back, turning all equipment off.

The concept works because a user has to remove their proximity card from the reader in order to move freely around a site. This avoids everyday bad practices like leaving lights and electrical equipment on.

The Energy saving reader can also control power to machinery.  It is ideal for helping to control who has access rights to using dangerous equipment in workshops. The reader can be used to switch power on to equipment, only once a trained member of staff has inserted their user card. This is great for complying with health and safety regulations.

Unlike standard card operated energy management units that you might see in hotel rooms, our reader will only work once an authenticated card is inserted. This gives you the benefit of
having greater control over who uses utilities and equipment.  The reader also accepts Mifare cards. Now customers already using Mifare cards with Net2 won’t have to change their access
tokens to benefit from improved energy saving and health and safety.

The Energy saving reader is simple to install and can be retrofitted to any site, quickly and easily without huge cost.

DS1009 PROXIMITY Energy saving reader