Smart home devices add unprecedented levels of convenience to our lives, but just like anything, they run into glitches. While there are dozens of ways to sort out various bugs, the one reliable, tried and true method is to perform a factory reset.

The issue is that factory resets are performed differently on different devices. If you need to perform a factory reset on one of your Google or Nest smart home devices, it can be a hassle to find out exactly how to do this.

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process to factory reset Google Home devices. Please note that all of these resets are performed manually on the device. You cannot perform a factory reset through the Google Home app.  

How To Factory Reset Google Home Mini

There are currently two versions of the Home Mini on the market: the Google Home Mini (the first generation version), and the Nest Home Mini (the second generation version). 

To perform a factory reset on the Google Home Mini, flip the device over and look for the Google logo in the center of the back panel. Position the “G” so that it reads correctly and look below it, just above where the power cord plugs in. There is a small button there.

Press and hold the button. After about five seconds, a voice will confirm the beginning of the reset process. You will need to hold the button for another ten seconds or so until you hear a sound confirming the reset.

To reset the Nest Home Mini, first turn off the mic. When the LEDs have turned orange, press and hold the top-center of the device where the LEDs are. It will take about five seconds before the factory reset begins, and another ten seconds before it completes.

How To Factory Reset Google Home

The main Google Home Unit is a bit easier to perform a factory reset on than some of the other models. Look for the mute button at the back of the device. Press and hold it for about 15 seconds. Google Assistant will inform you when the reset has completed. 

How To Factory Reset Google Home Max

Much like the Google Home, the Google Home Max has a simple reset feature. Turn the device around and look for the small reset button near the power cord. Press and hold this button down for about fifteen seconds until you hear Google Assistant say it is starting the reset.

How To Factory Reset Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub is reset slightly differently than other devices due to its screen. Rather than a dedicated reset button, find the two volume buttons on the back of the device and press them down together. Google Assistant will confirm when the reset has started.  

Use this same process to reset the Google Nest Hub Max. The only difference in the two devices is their screen size.

If your smart home assistants lose connection frequently or cannot be found on the network, perform a factory reset. There are often small glitches that accumulate within the code of a device that can only be cleared by completely wiping it and restoring it to brand-new settings.

There are other reasons to reset your smart home devices that go beyond troubleshooting. If you plan to sell the device to someone else, it should be free of any of your data. This ensures your data is protected, but it also makes it easier to set up for the other person. 

You should also factory reset Google Home devices to clear the data if you plan to move it from one home to another. If you intend to give the device to someone else (and have it operate under another Google account), a factory reset is necessary to ensure proper set up and operation.