An Xbox partnership will cater to gamers with plenty of disposable income.

What you need to know

  • Bang & Olufsen announced today that it is partnering with Xbox to create high-end audio equipment.
  • The company is known for producing high quality, premium speakers and headphones.
  • The new technology will likely be focused on the Xbox Series X.

Danish consumer electronics company Bang & Olufsen shared a press release on Twitter today announcing that is is partnering with Microsoft’s Xbox to create high-end audio equipment designed for gaming.

In the press release, Bang & Olufsen vice president and head of product management Christoffer Poulsen cited the growth the gaming industry has experienced over the past few years and its increasingly diverse global audience. As gaming technology continues to advance, Poulsen said his company sees an opportunity to leverage its own expertise.

“By entering the gaming industry, we want to do what we do best: delivering outstanding sound performance wrapped in astonishing design and solid craftmanship,” he said. “We see a big commercial potential within gaming, and in Xbox we believe we have found the ideal partner to realise that potential.”

Bang & Olufsen is primarily known for producing premium wireless headphones and earphones, along with portable Bluetooth speakers. While details have yet to be announced, Xbox head of hardwear partnerships Matt Kesselring implied in the release that the collaboration will produce portable audio tech that will be compatible with the Xbox Series X, which is expected to be released during the 2020 holiday season.

“As we march towards release – we’re excited to partner with Bang & Olufsen to bring a new premium tier of gaming audio to market for Xbox and Bang & Olufsen fans around the world that travels with you everywhere you love to play Xbox,” he said.

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