Every phone and tablet comes with a charging cable, but it’s usually far too short and easy to break. Instead of soldiering on with the original, it makes sense to upgrade. The Crave USB-A to USB-C Cable is a great option. This three-foot cable has a braided nylon sheath, making it durable and difficult to knot. It also has surge protection built in, and you can get it now for just $11.99.

Rated at 4.9 stars on Amazon, this charging upgrade is perfect for powering your mobile devices. Measuring three times longer than the cables supplied by most manufacturers, it allows you to use your phone without hunching over a wall socket.

In spite of that extra length, it’s almost impossible to tangle this cable thanks to the nylon braiding. The material flexes easily, but can’t bend back on itself. This also means it should last longer. In tests, these cables have been bent over 5,000 times without any problems.

The cable comes with a 12-month warranty, and it works with a wide variety of USB-C devices.

It’s normally priced at $19.99, but you can pick it up now for just $11.99 with this deal.


Crave USB-A to USB-C Cable – $11.99

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