How did an idea become a reality?

What you need to know

  • Minecraft Earth is a mobile AR game from Mojang Studios, that brings Minecraft to phones.
  • It uses AR to mix the real world with Minecraft, making for a very similar experience to Pokemon Go.
  • In the very first Dev Diaries for Minecraft Earth, Mojang Studios team members answer different questions about the game.

Things have been a little quiet on the Minecraft Earth front recently, but Mojang Studios is making some noise today with the Dev Diaries #1 video, which sees various team members involved with Minecraft Earth discuss the game and answer some questions for the community. While no concrete info about the future of the game was revealed, it does provide some cool insight into the “why” behind the game.

One of the more interesting questions answered in the video is “How Minecraft Earth came to be,” which amounts to some higher-up team members taking a walk through San Francisco and discussing how Minecraft would be if they could play it in real life. A while later, team members got to try out a very early version of the game for themselves, and Mojang Studios recognised the potential that the game had to be an AR hit. While the game still hasn’t met its full potential, it’s still fun to hear how a simple conversation led to Minecraft Earth existing.

If you’re still invested in the game, the video is worth a quick watch.

A gaming masterpiece


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Minecraft is an inarguable and complete success. It has sold copies in the hundreds of millions, has a huge following of dedicated players, and lets you unlock your every creative desire. It’s also available on every platform imaginable, including Xbox One, Windows 10, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Play with anyone, and play anywhere.