Summer typically means having fun under the sun, but it’s also, unfortunately, the prime time for burglaries. According to the FBI, thieves typically strike more during the summer months, usually between noon and 4 pm when everyone’s either at work or out of town. And while it’s not likely that you’ll be traveling anytime soon, it’s still better to be safe than sorry.

If you want to keep a better eye on your home while you’re away, even when you’re only a few blocks away or at the office, the Kami 1080P Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Home Camera Kit can do it for you. Described by Tech Crunch as a device that delivers a “solid performance,” it offers a hassle-free way to protect your home from anywhere. It records crystal-clear 1080p resolution day and night and an impressive 140-degree view so you can keep tabs on almost every corner of your home.

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There is also two-way audio that allows for a 2-way conversation and let you ward off any unwanted guest lurking around, and it delivers push alerts straight to your device of choice when any motion or abnormal sound is detected. Even installation is pretty much a cakewalk, given that it’s completely wireless, so there are no plugs to worry about.

To help you keep your footage safe and encrypted, a purchase also grants you to a 6-month, 7-day cloud service where you can store all the streams.

Usually retailing for $119.99, you can now grab the Kami 1080P Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Home Camera Kit on sale for only $74.99.


Kami 1080P Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Home Camera Kit – $74.99

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