You can now download widgets to enhance your gaming experience on Windows 10.

What you need to know

  • The Game Bar Widget Store is now live on Windows 10.
  • The store allows you to download widgets from companies such as XSplit, Razer, and Corsair.
  • The Xbox Game Bar also gained some new features, including the option for transparent widgets.

The Game Bar Widget Store is now live on Windows 10. With the new widget store, you can grab widgets for the Xbox Game Bar that enhance your gaming experience. Microsoft announced the public launch of the Game Bar Widget Store in a news post. That same post also breaks down some popular widgets people can download, including XSplit’s Game Bar HUD and Corsair’s iCUE.

The Xbox team first announced the Game Bar Widget Store back in April. Xbox Insiders could then try out widgets on their PCs. Now, the store is available to everyone, giving gamers more ways to customize their gaming experience.

In its post announcing the availability of the widget store, the Xbox team also introduced a companion widget called “Ghost.” This Destiny 2 companion tracks your progress during gameplay and shows you bounties, quests, and triumphs you can aim for. It can also preview the Crucible map before loading in and do several other tasks. The Ghost widget links to your account and tracks stats and achievements on PC or console.

The post also goes over XSplit’s Game Bar HUD, which is a tool for broadcasters that works alongside XSplit Broadcaster software on Windows 10. XSplit’s Game Bar HUD is available as a public test release now and is expected to fully roll out by the end of July.

In addition to the store’s availability and the review of several widgets, the Xbox team announced some new features for the Xbox Game Bar in its post. Click-through is a new feature that lets gamers control mouse click-through behavior. For example, you can decide if a click over a pinned widget goes to your game or to the widget. People can also customize the transparency of widgets to increase their field of view in games.