Microsoft’s efforts to improve Chromium-based browsers help more than just Edge.

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has committed several changes to improve Chromium browsers on Windows 10.
  • The changes help Microsoft Edge, but also help other browsers such as Google Chrome.
  • Microsoft recently fixed a notification issue that affected Chromium browsers.

Microsoft made it clear when it moved Microsoft Edge to Chromium that its move would also benefit other Chromium browsers. When Microsoft embraced the Chromium project it started down a path of improving the codebase that powers Google Chrome and several other popular browsers. While some of Microsoft’s improvements only benefit Microsoft Edge, several of the changes improve Google Chrome.

TechRadar believes “Microsoft is the best thing to happen to Chrome,” and outlines several of the improvements from Microsoft that improve Google’s browser. For example, Microsoft recently fixed an issue that caused Chrome notifications to appear twice on Windows 10. That issue also didn’t open the website that sent the notification from Chrome.

Microsoft also committed code that made Chrome use less RAM. Improvements like this from Microsoft improve the Microsoft Edge experience, but also benefit Google Chrome and other browsers such as Vivaldi. Google Chrome is still very popular among Windows 10 users, so it’s in Microsoft’s best interest for it to provide a good experience. Because Chrome and Edge share a Chromium codebase, Microsoft can improve its own browser and get the added benefit of improving other popular browsers on Windows 10.