Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup has a built-in kickstand that allows you to set it on a table or lap at an angle. It works great this way, but it’s kind of limited. The kickstand demands surface area on your desk and can limit your setup, so if you want to get creative, you’ll need to add a mount or stand. Whether you’d like to use your tablet in bed, in your vehicle, or just have it sit vertically on your desk, I’ve rounded up a bunch of the best options right here that will work with the Pro 4, Pro (2017), Pro 6, and Pro 7.

Dock and Stand Combo

Kensington SD7000

Editor’s choice

This docking station and stand were designed exclusively for the Surface Pro lineup, and it will transform your tablet into something a lot closer to a Surface Studio. It adds USB-C, four USB-A, Ethernet, DisplayPort, and HDMI ports for excellent connectivity. It allows for dual 4K external displays, and it’s built to the same high quality as your Pro, with an articulating hinge that provides plenty of angles for drawing, watching, and browsing.

$399 at Microsoft

$390 at Amazon

$413 at Newegg

Budget Option

OMOTON tablet stand

Staff pick

For something simple and affordable, check out OMOTON’s multi-angle stand. It sits on a desk with an anti-slip pad, and its hinge rotates so that you can get an optimal viewing angle. It’s made from an aluminum alloy that does a good job matching your Pro (also available in a few different colors), but it has anti-scratch pads in all the right spots to prevent damage and slipping. If you just want something affordable to get your Pro off your desk, this is the way to go.

From $19 at Amazon

$38 at Newegg

Vertical Simplicity

OMOTON vertical stand

Designed to hold your device vertically for easy access to ports and to save space, this vertical stand from OMOTON is no doubt best for those who like to set up a battle station around their Surface Pro. The base comes with an anti-slip mat to keep it from sliding around, and the large groove that holds the tablet is likewise lined with silicone to prevent slips and scratches.

From $24 at Amazon

$49 at Newegg

$99 at Walmart

Versatile Stand and Mount

CTA Digital 2-in-1 mount

If you like using your Surface Pro around the house, the CTA Digital 2-in-1 stand and mount should be just what you’re looking for. The pronged base can be used easily on a flat surface, but it can also be folded up and attached to the underside of, say, the cabinets in your kitchen. Constructed from aluminum, it has a couple of folding joints along the arm as well as a 360-degree swivel joint behind where the tablet attaches.

$37 at Amazon

$47 at Walmart

$37 at B&H

Gooseneck Design

CTA Digital clamp stand

CTA Digital’s gooseneck stand has a 24-inch metal arm, versatile clamp that can attach to a desk, table, or railing, and a secure mount for your Surface Pro. It offers plenty of attachment options, and you can use just about anywhere. Additionally, the tablet mount rotates and tilts, allowing for perfect viewing angles even if you have to attach the stand at a wonky angle.

$69 at Amazon

$72 at Walmart

$69 at B&H

For Your Car

ChargerCity flexible mount

Designed with vehicles in mind, this mount attaches under the seat to provide sturdy Surface Pro support. The arm reaches 20 inches and is entirely flexible, plus the tablet mount can rotate 360 degrees, allowing either the driver or passenger to take control. If you’re always in your vehicle and can’t be without your Surface Pro — think Uber drivers or long-haul truckers — this is a great option.

$32 at Amazon

$66 at Walmart

If we’re making some suggestions

Kensington’s SD7000 dock and mount is by far the most expensive option in this roundup, but it complements the Surface Pro lineup in nearly every way. Not only do you get a versatile stand designed from the start for the Pro 4, Pro (2017), Pro 6, and Pro 7 you also get a ton of additional ports, alleviating one of the Pro’s largest faults. The stand is built exceptionally well and matches Pro tablets, and provides enough movement to get a perfect angle for inking, watching videos, or standard computing. Add a keyboard and a mouse, and you have a setup that’s a lot closer to a Surface Studio than anything else.

If you need a tablet stand that’s affordable and gets the job done without a lot of extra features, OMOTON’s stand is likely your best bet. It sits on any flat surface with anti-slip feet, it has a single hinge to more easily get a proper viewing angle, and it’s built from an aluminum alloy that matches most Pros. If you’re looking to get your Pro off your desk but still be able to see the screen, definitely check out this option.

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