The best gaming chairs have traditionally been made out of leather and foam padding. Still, in recent years, mesh gaming chairs have seen a rise in popularity since they are incredibly supportive and comfortable. In addition to that, they’re also very breathable because air can circulate through the mesh and cool you down during intense gaming. There are tons of different mesh gaming chairs on the market. Still, at the end of the day, we think that the RESPAWN-205 takes the crown as the best mesh gaming chair due to its extremely comfortable design, very adjustable nature, stylish gamer-themed aesthetic, and unbelievable price.

Best Overall: RESPAWN-205 Gaming Chair

In our minds, the best mesh gaming chair out there is the RESPAWN-205. Featuring a half-mesh, half-cushion back, you’ll be getting the benefits of both designs while you play. On top of this, the chair also comes with a detachable headrest pillow and lumbar support for further comfort. Another great thing about the chair is that it’s incredibly adjustable, as you can adjust the height of the seat and the armrests. Additionally, the back can be tilted between 90 and 130 degrees and locked in position. In terms of weight capacity, the chair is excellent too, as it can hold up to 275 pounds. The cherry on top is the striking angular aesthetic that plenty of gamers are sure to enjoy. There used to be an issue with the chair’s mesh breaking, but the manufacturer has stepped up and rectified the problem. Lastly, the chair has a fantastic price that’s nearly on par with budget-level chairs, meaning that it’s got a stellar amount of value for the money.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Super adjustable
  • Looks awesome
  • Great weight capacity
  • Amazing price


  • None!

Best Overall

RESPAWN-205 Gaming Chair

The king of the hill

The RESPAWN-205 is excellent across all categories, making it our top pick.

Best Full Mesh Design: Hyken Mesh Task Chair

If you’re after a chair that is completely covered in mesh from top to bottom than the Hyken Mesh Task Chair is ideal. Unlike most mesh chairs that use a combination of mesh and cushioning, this one uses mesh and nothing else. Some may dislike this due to the fact it won’t be as soft as chairs that incorporate padding, but others will prefer it since it promotes maximum breathability. Overall, it’s up to personal preference. Aside from its all-mesh design, the chair is just as adjustable as the RESPAWN-205 is since it comes with the same adjustment features. It can also support 275 pounds and comes with a height-adjustable lumbar support behind the back. Lastly, compared to the RESPAWN-205, the Hyken Mesh Task Chair features a low-key office style that you may prefer over the former’s flashy and angular look. Something to be aware of with this chair, though, is that it’s considerably more expensive than any other option on the list.


  • Incredibly comfortable (if you like all mesh)
  • Super adjustable
  • Looks low-key
  • Great weight capacity


  • A little pricey

Best Full Mesh Design

Hyken Mesh Task Chair

Enjoy a traditional seat

This chair is covered in mesh from top-to-bottom but is a little pricey as a result.

Best Mid-Range: Corvair Mesh Back Computer Chair

This chair is an excellent choice if you want something a little less expensive than the RESPAWN-205, but not a seat that’s in the lowest quality tier. It’s just as adjustable as the previous two chairs are, but it notably comes without a headrest of any kind, which may bother people with neck problems. Additionally, the lumbar support is rather small, and you can’t move it. The chair features a padded seat instead of the Hyken Mesh Task Chair’s mesh one, making its design similar to the RESPAWN-205. Lastly, it’s capable of holding 275 pounds. Overall, it’s not as comfortable as previous options, but it’s still great.


  • Very comfortable
  • Super adjustable
  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Affordable


  • No headrest
  • Lumbar support could be better

Best Mid-Range

Corvair Mesh Back Computer Chair

Middle of the road

This chair is an excellent balance between quality and price.

Best Budget: AuAg Gaming Chair

The AuAg Gaming Chair is a fantastic choice if you’re on a budget. The padded seat and mesh back are all of a lower quality than what you’ll find on the other chairs on the list, and as a result, the chair isn’t as comfortable. However, it’s far from uncomfortable, and for what the chair costs, it’s pretty good. The chair is also lacking in adjustability across the board, though notably, the height can be adjusted. Finally, the chair has a fantastic weight capacity of 300 pounds.


  • Pretty comfortable
  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Most affordable


  • Can’t adjust armrest height
  • Chair is less comfortable
  • No lumbar support

Best Budget

AuAg Gaming Chair

A chair that’s cheap

Offering decent quality for a low price, this chair is an excellent budget pick.

Bottom line

Mesh back gaming chairs are an excellent way to stay comfortable while gaming, as they are supportive, comfy to sit in, and keep you cool because air can circulate around your body. This has made them popular in recent years, and as such, tons of different mesh chairs are available on the market.

Due to the widespread availability of mesh chairs, it can be hard to know which ones are high-quality. In our minds, though, the best mesh gaming chair is the RESPAWN-205 due to the fact it’s incredibly comfortable, super-adjustable, and that it looks fantastic.

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