What you need to know

  • Tell Me Why is the latest project from Dontnod, known for their work on the Life is Strange series.
  • It’s an emotional story that talks about the LGBTQ community and mental health issues.
  • The game will come in three chapters, with each chapter releasing a week apart.
  • The first chapter is now available, and is included in Xbox Game Pass day one.

Dontnod is known for their powerful narrative-driven games, and Tell Me Why, noted in our review for the meaningful conversations and the respectful manor in which the game approaches the LGBTQ community and indigenous culture, is the latest to come out of the creative studio. Tell Me Why is split into three distinct chapters, and the first chapter of this unique game from Dontnod is now available.

Tell Me Why is the story of two twins, Tyler and Alyson Ronan, who have reconnected after Tyler spent a grueling ten years in a youth correctional facility. The story explores everything that led up to the moment in which Tyler defended himself from his mother, who he believed was threating his life for being transgender. It’s a fascinating game that revolves around this duo and the mystery surrounding that day.

Players can choose to purchase the game and then play each chapter as it comes out, but Tell Me Why is also included in Xbox Game Pass from launch till the end of time, so subscribers can also enjoy the nuances of Tell Me Why’s store without shelling out extra to purchase the game. As noted before, this initial release is only for the first chapter of Tell Me Why. The second chapter will drop on September 3, 2020, and the third and final chapter will follow on September 10, 2020. Each chapter will come to Xbox Game Pass the moment it launches.

Twin telepathy

Tell Me Why

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A short and touching adventure

Tell Me Why respectfully deals with sensitive topics and tells a meaningful story about grief and trauma. The performance and dialogue can be janky at times, but that shouldn’t deter you from this experience.

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