Microsoft supports FreeSync on Xbox One consoles, adjusting refresh rates on the fly to reduce screen tearing and stuttering in gaming. While hundreds of special FreeSync-compatible displays are on the market, Xbox One consoles are limited to a subset with HDMI support. We’ve rounded up our top FreeSync monitors compatible with Xbox One across all price tiers.

Best overall

Staff pick

Samsung C32HG70

The Samsung C32HG70 leads the pack with a strong roster of features complementing the Xbox One. FreeSync 2 support is the standout, improving colors with HDR support. It also boasts a curved 32-inch panel, 1440p resolution, and 48-100Hz FreeSync HDMI frequency for clear, fluid gameplay.

Images from an Xbox One X will look best on this display, drawing every detail and the full color spectrum, for stunning results.

$500 at Amazon

Budget FreeSync

Acer XFA240

Value pick

The Acer XFA240 is a strong 1080p pick, scaling to 24 inches. It hits a 144Hz FreeSync frequency, although caps out at 120Hz over HDMI, which proves more than capable for the best of Xbox One and hitting the maximum for Xbox Series X. This results in smooth gameplay, paired with a solid image, but it loses out on HDR support. It’s an excellent entry-point that draws the best of console FreeSync without breaking the bank. It’s also a good pick for Xbox One S owners.

$200 at Amazon

Affordable 4K

ViewSonic XG3220

ViewSonic steps it up to 4K with a 60Hz refresh rate, touting Xbox-compatible FreeSync with a 1ms response time. It also supports HDR10, the open standard supported by Xbox One, pulling the best colors and contrast from each frame.

The XG3220 offers a crisp and smooth 32-inch panel, with UHD support showing even the smallest details, all at a reasonable price. The ultimate balance of function and affordability, ideal for Xbox One X owners.

$450 at Amazon

1440p immersion

Dell S2719DGF

The S2719DGF is part of Dell’s latest 27-inch gaming displays, securing 1440p resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and a response time of just 1ms to elevate your game. It balances clarity and fluidity with a gripping image, delivering an all-round reliable monitor for gaming on Xbox One X.

$365 at Amazon

Full HD gaming

Asus VG245H

With Xbox One S gameplay bound to 1080p, leading displays can be wasted. Dropping to full HD, the 24-inch Asus VG245H compiles a variety of premium features for a budget price. With a 1ms response time and FreeSync frequency topping out at 75Hz, you’ll be getting a responsive and striking image.

$170 at Amazon

Bending immersion

ViewSonic VX3268

The ViewSonic VX3268 throws a curve into the mix, assembling a 27-inch 1440p panel primed for immersive gameplay. While its 144 Hz refresh rate won’t be fully utilized, it’s still an affordable curved display for FreeSync.

$300 at Amazon

We have our favorite FreeSync monitors for Xbox One

The Samsung C32HG70 remains the best overall pick for FreeSync on Xbox One, packing an unrivaled balanced of the best monitor features for gaming. Its curved 1440p image and 48-100Hz FreeSync ensure sharp gameplay without compromising performance, pairing with native 1440p support added last year. And among the early FreeSync 2 HDMI monitors on the market, this monitor is the best way to experience variable refresh rates (VRR) with high dynamic range (HDR). The result is impactful colors that really pop across supported games.

The Acer XFA240 is another high-performance alternative, dropping to 24-inch 1080p for hefty savings. It’s best suited for Xbox One S owners limited to 1080p or budget-conscious Xbox One X owners leveraging supersampling. While it’s missing HDR under FreeSync 2, the XFA240 otherwise nails the essentials.