Who needs a 4K monitor when you have a pregnancy test?

What you need to know

  • A tech enthusiast managed to run Doom on a modified pregnancy test.
  • Doom can be played on the test using a keyboard.
  • The test has been heavily modified, including replacing its screen and CPU.

Some people ask why, others ask why not. A story that emerged over this past weekend is clearly centered around a person who asks the latter. One tech enthusiast has managed a strange feat, running Doom on a modified pregnancy test. Twitter user “Foone” recently showed off the unique pregnancy test on Twitter.

Unfortunately, the game isn’t really running on a stock pregnancy test, so don’t go running to your local pharmacy expecting to play Doom while you wait for your pregnancy test results. As highlighted by The Verge’s Tom Warren, Foone replaced both the original LCD screen and CPU of the pregnancy test, and the entire setup doesn’t even fit inside the shell of the original pregnancy test.

Foone originally shared a video being played back on a pregnancy test, but it wasn’t an interactive game. After some tinkering and hard work, Doom became a playable game on the tiny screen of a pregnancy test, even though the test tool has been heavily modified. The pregnancy test only has a resolution of 128×32, and the display is monochromatic, but it certainly looks like Doom.

Like a true PC gamer, Foone uses a WASD keyboard setup to navigate the tiny screen, no arrow keys in site.

If you’d rather see a Doom title running at higher resolution, you can check out NVIDIA’s video showcasing Doom Eternal running in 4K using the new NVIDIA RTX 3080.