Turn-based mafia action now for pre-order.

What you need to know

  • Empire of Sin is a turn-based strategy game from Paradox Interactive.
  • The game is set in the Al Capone-era of Chicago, and you play as an up-and-coming gangster.
  • Empire of Sin is now available for pre-order, ahead of its launch on December 1, 2020.
  • You’ll be able to play Empire of Sin on Xbox, PC, and PS4.

Last week we reported that Empire of Sin appeared suddenly on the Microsoft Store, indicating an imminent launch into pre-order status. Sure enough, today Paradox Interactive announced that their upcoming turn-based strategy game would launch on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC starting December 1, 2020, with pre-orders for all three platforms opening up today. Even better, there’s a new trailer to go alongside the announcement, which you can watch below.

There are three different editions of the game to choose from, ranging from the Standard Edition that includes the base game and nothing more, the Deluxe Edition, which includes the Mobster Pack, the Golden Weapon Set, and a new execution, and finally the Premium Edition, which includes the Deluxe Edition, two post-launch expansions, and Al Capone’s fur coat. You can find all the Xbox information below, or check out the game at Steam for PC and Playstation.

Empire of Sins looks like it could be a very entertaining game if it nails the turn-based strategy fundamentals that games like XCOM and Gears Tactics have already perfected. At the very least, the setting and idea of playing as an Al Capone-era gangster is fascinating. Will you be picking up the game? Let us know and which edition you chose in the comments below!

Turn-based mafia

Empire of Sin

$40 at Microsoft (Xbox pre-order)
$50 at Microsoft (Deluxe Edition pre-order)
$70 at Microsoft (Premium Edition pre-order)

Take to the streets.

Channel your inner gangster to become the top dog in Chicago in Empire of Sin, the newest game from Paradox Interactive. A turn-based strategy game set in Chicago, Empire of Sin looks beautiful, and should appeal to any tactics fan.