Microsoft’s Xbox One wireless controller is essential for any gaming setup but isn’t guaranteed to last forever. If your gamepad fails and is out of warranty, third-party replacement parts present a fix on the cheap. These leading replacement parts are here to help with any repair.

Bumper fixer

Xbox Bumpers and Triggers Replacement

Xbox One controller bumpers have gained a reputation for their fragile construction, faltering over long-term use. This dual-pack of bumpers and triggers is a cheap fix for a common issue.

$8 at Amazon

Stick switch

eJiasu Xbox Thumbstick Replacements

This duo of thumbsticks will amend long-term wear or sudden drops. Dual thumbsticks and sensor modules are included in various colors, with tools to open your gamepad. While replacing sticks is easy, switching the sensors requires a quick solder.

$14 at Amazon

Covered up

MoKo Battery Cover Door Replacement

If you’ve lost your Xbox One controller’s rear battery door, MoKo offers a perfect third-party replacement. This 4-pack is available in a sleek black or white finish.

$7 at Amazon

Turn up the volume

Xbox Controller 3.5mm Headphone Jack Replacement

Swapping out a damaged headphone port is simple on any Xbox controller. A 3.5mm jack is cheap and fast to install, ideal if you want to avoid a full replacement.

$6 at Amazon

New look

eXtremeRate Xbox Controller Soft Touch Faceplate

These faceplates pack an alluring in-hand feel with their soft-touch finish. And in over a dozen colors, they’re ideal for both repairs and customization. While designed for modern third-generation controllers, older shells are also available.

$15 at Amazon

Know your ABCs

Perfect PCA Xbox ABXY Button Replacements

Switch out your ABXY buttons with the range of replacements mirroring Microsoft’s stock parts. You’ll find colors suited for all occasions, and it caters to special edition designs too.

from $3 at Amazon

Tiny buttons

Perfect PCA Menu and View button replacements

Replacement Menu and View buttons are dirt cheap, priced at just $2 for black or white. If you’re in need, look no further than these.

$2 at Amazon

Charged and ready

Microsoft Xbox One USB Charging Cable

For controllers packing Microsoft’s Play & Charge kit, this Micro USB cable is a perfect pairing. The original 2.7-meter cable is available standalone, with a light to indicate charging status.

$18 at Amazon

Full replacement

Microsoft Xbox One Controller

If your Xbox One controller is nearing its end, don’t overlook a full replacement. Official entry-level controllers start at $50 via Microsoft.

$60 at Best Buy
$69 at Microsoft

With a growing ecosystem of third-party parts, fixing up your Xbox One controller is easier than ever. While some advanced repairs require technical expertise, solutions to common issues are often a short guide away. However, for a hassle-free fresh start, a new Xbox One controller might be best for some.