Add an extra pop of color to your Surface Earbuds.

What you need to know

  • Best Buy is selling some colorful new cases for Surface Earbuds.
  • Made by SaharaCase, the cases come in red, black, teal, and pink.
  • Each color is available at Best Buy now for $30 a pop.

If you want to add an extra pop of color to your Surface Earbuds — and some added protection, too — Best Buy has some new SaharaCase cases that will do the trick. The cases are available in four colors, and they each come with a handy little clip to hook them to a bag, belt loop, or whatever you want to attach them to. The only catch? They’re $30 a pop.

The cases are made of silicone, so expect a relativelt grippy texture. SaharaCase claims they’re also slim and form-fitting, so they shouldn’t add too much bulk.

SaharaCase only shows the cases on Microsoft’s original lighter colored Surface Earbuds, so you’ll have to use your imagination if you recently picked up a set of the new Graphite Grey Surface Earbuds.

SaharaCase Surface Earbuds case

$30 at Best Buy

The SaharaCase Surface Earbuds cases add some extra protection and color o your Surface Earbuds without bulking them up too much.

Hear Smarter

Surface Earbuds

$200 at Microsoft
$200 at Best Buy
$200 at Amazon

Microsoft’s super smart earbuds

Surface Earbuds have an excellent, albeit unique, design that is comfortable for all-day wear. However, incredibly good audio and exceptional battery life may not be enough to justify $200 compared to more affordable options.