Big shopping events like Prime Day are a golden time to add more storage to your desktop or laptop PC by grabbing a discounted SSD. SSDs have come down in price in recent years but the cost can certainly mount if you need a lot.

All modern PCs can benefit from good SSD storage, and older machines might find a new lease of life by upgrading from an old, slow HDD. Whatever it is you’re in the SSD market for, there’s something to get you on the right path on Prime Day.

SK hynix Gold S31

If you need some bulk storage and have a spot open for a 2.5-inch SATA SSD, the Gold S31 is a stellar solution. Prices start at just $36 for the 250GB drive.

From $36 at Amazon

Before you click buy though make sure you know exactly what type of SSD you need for your machine. While NVMe drives are super-fast in PCs that support PCIe storage, they’re more expensive than SATA drives. If your PC doesn’t support the rated performance you’ll be spending more than you need to.

With that said, this is the best of the bunch this Prime Day.

Western Digital Blue 4TB SATA III | $371 at Amazon

SSDs in seriously large capacities are still pricey which makes this deal on a 4TB WD Blue drive even more important. This SSD usually retails in excess of $500 so you’re getting a mega saving, and with transfer speeds up to 560MB/s it’s a perfect mass storage drive for those who just need more.

$371 at Amazon

SanDisk SSD Plus | $88 at Amazon

This SSD from SanDisk is a perfect choice for any PC builder as a mass storage drive, be that for files, programs or games, and it’s at its lowest price yet for Prime Day. It’s from a trusted brand with a good reputation and has solid performance with transfer speeds up to 535 MB/s.

$88 at Amazon

Crucial BX500 1TB | $82 at Amazon

Another great SSD to pack out your system with storage is this 1TB from Crucial with up to 540MB/s transfer speeds. Make sure to select the option for frustration-free packaging, though, to make sure you get the best Prime Day price on it.

$82 at Amazon

Samsung 860 Pro | From $75 at Amazon

A little pricier than other 2.5-inch drives but for the most demanding users you cannot go wrong with Samsung storage. Available in up to 4TB capacity, the 860 Pro boasts performance, reliability, encryption for sensitive data and a solid five year warranty backing it all up for piece of mind.

From $75 at Amazon

Crucial P5 1TB NVMe SSD | $120 at Amazon

Perfect as a boot drive for Windows in a desktop or laptop, this SSD leverages PCIe 3.0 to deliver incredible read and write speeds. If you deal with large files on a regular basis or you’re a gamer, you’ll especially feel the benefit and this is one the best value deals you’ll find on Prime Day with a good cut underneath its previous lowest ever price.

$120 at Amazon

Kingston A2000 NVMe SSD | From $34 at Amazon

For basic storage needs, perhaps as a boot drive for Windows or an affordable upgrade to a laptop or desktop, the A2000 is fantastic value. It’s not the fastest NVMe drive around with read speeds up to 2,000 MB/s but it’ll still absolutely blitz a SATA III SSD for similar money. Available in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB.

From $34 at Amazon

WD Black SN750 1TB | $140 at Amazon

This NVMe SSD from WD Black is optimized for PC gaming and even comes with its own companion software to ensure that gamers are getting the maximum performance from their storage. It’s got a five year warranty and both the SSD and the included heatsink are designed to blend into any gamers rig.

$140 at Amazon