While I have been trawling Prime Day Deals for big-ticket items, I came across this little beauty. With the release of xCloud by Microsoft, people like me have been fi nding they need a better solution for streaming games to our phones. Sure, you can prop your phone up and play with the controller, but to have a truly mobile experience, you need the controller and phone to be connected. Enter PowerA with the Moga mobile gaming clip for Xbox.

Portable Xbox console

PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip

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$10 at Amazon

Gaming on the go

The Moga clip is exactly what you need to make your phone a portable Xbox. It is adjustable to make sure the screen is at the perfect angle all the time

This is an accessory we liked so much we awarded it best Xbox accessory prize in 2019, and it’s easy to see why. The clip itself is extremely sturdy and made specifically for the Xbox One controller with all the correct holes in the right places. The top clip is connected with a rotating hinge that allows you to move the phone to find the best angle. I’ve found that playing while lying in bed requires an entirely different angle than playing sitting up on the sofa, and the Moga accommodates that difference far better than any other clip.

What is xCloud?

Project xCloud, now just called Xbox Cloud Streaming, is a cloud streaming service from Microsoft that allows you to play hundreds of Xbox titles directly on your phone or tablet. Streaming services are the new trend in gaming, but Microsoft’s proposition is particularly enticing because it’s free to use if you already subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Games Pass Ultimate is just $15 a month and gives you access to not only xCloud but also Game Pass on PC and Xbox. Microsoft is working to bring its games to as many people as possible for a great price.

The PowerA Moga clip has transformed the way I play games. It has made my Xbox a portable gaming machine that I can play just about anywhere. I’ve played it at hotels, swim practice, the library, and on long trips in the car. With Prime Day knocking the price down to just $10, it is worth owning, especially if you are a Game Pass subscriber.