Find your way up to the Hedge Lab and turn on the lights! Be prepared, though; this is no simple journey.

Grounded has a plethora of cool places to discover, such as the hedge lab that has been teasing players with mysteries since they launched into early access. Now your trip to the hedge lab is finally a worthwhile venture. We will take you through the process of how to get there and where to find the password to turn the power on. There are also some interesting story tidbits to uncover as well! Gather your things, and prepare for a dangerous journey into the hedge.

This is also a valuable time to gather difficult resources that you may need for your home base. There will be a large amount of berries, crow feathers, clay, and other resources useful in construction and survival. Make sure to bring a level two hatchet with you.

Playing In The Backyard


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Survival Co-op

Grounded is an early access co-op survival game created by Obsidian Entertainment. Can your shrunken self survive among the ladybugs, ants, wolf spiders, and uncover the secrets of the mysterious labs?

What to do before you set out

It doesn’t matter where you are on the map; the journey to the hedge lab can be a long and treacherous one. You will have to traverse thin branches at extreme heights, combat spiders, as well as watch your vitals for signs of starvation and dehydration. Being properly prepared will make your experience at the hedge lab much more enjoyable. Before you set out, there are a few key items you need to make sure to bring with you.

1. Dandelion Tuft
* Used to make sure that you have a chance to make a soft landing if you do fall. After all, it sure is a long way down from high up in the hedge!

2. Food + Water
* As usual, bring enough to keep you alive throughout the length of your journey.

3. Armor + Weapons
* There will be enemies, so make sure you bring a viable suit of armor and weapons

4. Bandages
* As with all enemies, you will take some damage. Stock up on some bandages to keep your health topped off.

5. Torch
* Your journey could take a large portion of a day cycle in Grounded, so be sure to bring a torch for when it gets dark.

Grounded How to get to the Hedge Lab

Ok, you’re all set and ready to venture out! But where exactly should you go? Of course, towards the hedge, since there is only a singular entry point into the high up hedge lab. To start, head towards the southeastern end of the map (bottom right). If you pull open the in-game map, you will see a large empty area that designates the hedge environment zone.

Head over to this area, and keep an eye open for the trowel sticking up out of the ground. Head to the trowel, look towards the hedge area closest to you, and venture in. You will quickly see a large red cable, a green paper clip, and a small twig that will be the start of your climb.

There is also a research station right above you that sometimes has some granola bars to eat. Make sure to save here before continuing. Walk up the winding path following a red cable, and look for the juice box in the branches ahead. This will be the first spot you will use a zipline to get through the hedge. Head over and take the zipline to the next segment.

Once you land, you have two choices. You can go either left or right. Just be careful as there are small spiders and occasionally an Orb Weaver lurking about. Going left is the somewhat easier route. There is a small chance of fighting enemies, and a little bit of a jump is required to get to the next zip line point. Use the dandelion tuft to float down safely if you decide to take this route. If you decide to take the direction going right, it’s a little more dangerous but provides easier access to the next zipline point.

Bonus for going right, there is a small lab outpost you can venture into. Inside are some water droplets, granola bars, and lab notes to read if you stop by. The red cables also lead in this lab’s direction, helping to keep track of where you are navigating. Go back out the door and continue on the large branch, but don’t go all the way up. There is a set of mushrooms growing on the branch on the left side. Walk on those, and the next zipline point will be right around the corner.

Once you’ve completed the crossing at the second zip line, you will land right by a giant frisbee. Aside from some minor spiders and egg sacs, there shouldn’t be any other larger spiders to deal with. Head on down onto the frisbee and reach the other side to access a third zipline. Snag the “Supreme SCA.B” cosmetic that sits near the center of the frisbee along the way as well. You’ll see a bright green glow of the cosmetic on the ground.

Take the third zipline to another broken lab segment filled with egg sacs and little spiders. Grab the items in the room, and continue out the other door and up the large branch. The journey through the hedge is finally over; you’ve reached the last zip line segment to get to the hedge lab. This is where the fun really begins. Take the zipline and fly on into in hedge lab.

Finding the password segments and turning on the power

You’re finally at the secret lab in the hedge. There’s only one thing left to do, and that is turning the power on. To do so, you have to find password segments for the computer that resides in the room you landed in. By now, you have probably noticed the giant piece of paper stuck to the window that says, “Password.”. This is where things can get a little complicated and dangerous. There are two doors to pick from. One leads to the power switch, the other deeper into the lab. Before you move on, hit the keys on that computer to get things started. You won’t access the rest of the lab if you don’t hit those keys.

Go into the hallway through the only door that opens. Head up and smash through the spider webs clogging up the stuck door. You will enter the analyzer room where the first segment of the password resides. Be careful as there is usually an “Orb Weaver JR.” sitting in the room. Kill the spider, collect the code and some fiber bandages in the room, and venture on. There are three different doors in this room that you can take. The one right beside the password segment, one branching off in the middle of the room, and another tucked into the right corner of the room with a zipline.

Head down the middle hallway and bash open the stuck door. Don’t go all the way down the corridor just yet. We need this door unstuck as an easy way to get back to the computer. Be warned, and there are a couple of robot enemies named “TAYZ.T” that you will have to combat in this hallway and the room attached. They are very dangerous and have devastating combat moves if you are not careful. They drop one hundred science points once defeated as well.

Head back to the analyzer room and get ready to take the zipline down to the next password segment. Before you do, make sure to knock down the berry on your way along the zipline. If you take the zipline before knocking it down, the berry will just knock you off the line. Throw a pebble, shoot a couple of arrows or go whack it down. Once the berry is removed, take the zipline down.

You will enter a small room and immediately see the next password segment in the room’s corner. There is also the Ghostmint SCA.B cosmetic to your right as you enter the room. Once you’ve grabbed the password segment and the SCA.B cosmetic, go over to the door caked in spiderwebs and get it unstuck. Walk into the room with the two egg sacs, and head up the ramp. We are going to the room that connects to the middle corridor from earlier. Once you hit the blue room up the ramp, head diagonally across and keep heading up.

Head up the long tunnel to a supply room, and stock up on anything you might want to take with you. If you really want, you can toss all the grass planks and weed stems down off the ledge and gather them on the ground afterward. Once you’ve gathered some items, take the zipline down to the next password segment. Don’t take the zipline all the way, though! There is an open hatch with a light beside it about halfway down. That hatch is your next location. Save first, then zip down, time your jump from the line, and drop down near the hatch.

There is an Orb Weaver Jr. down the hatch along with some small spiders. Jump down, eliminate the spiders, and grab the items on the table as well as the next password segment. Facing the table, you want to take the door on the left side of the room. This will take us back to the “Blue room” from earlier that led us to the supply room.

Once you are back in the blue room, head diagonally across again down the hallway leading to somewhat of a horror room. The room looks like a maniac went on a berry killing rampage. When you take the zipline for this last segment, you’ll hit a branch that’s in the way and get knocked off. Thankfully you’ll land on a twig below, so you can just hop straight back onto the zip line again and keep going.

Land in the tiny room, and grab the last password segment to complete it. It’s now time to venture back to the computer and turn on the power. Hop down the hole in the room you are in, land on the large branch, and head down towards the open lab door.

Head back up the tunnels all the way back to the computer room, and activate the password. With the power finally diverted, you can access the room immediately behind you with the power switch. Head on into the room, grab the Gas Mask, BURG.L Chip, Lab Notes, and pull the lever. You now have opened up lab doors in the area that were previously not accessible! For instance, the lab door immediately underneath is a shortcut between the lower ground area around the birdbath to the area right underneath the hedge lab.

Playing In The Backyard


$30 at Microsoft
$30 on Steam

Survival Co-op

Grounded is an early access co-op survival game created by Obsidian Entertainment. Can your shrunken self survive among the ladybugs, ants, wolf spiders, and uncover the secrets of the mysterious labs?