Need an entry-level TV for the Xbox Series X? Consider the Q60T.

Need a TV upgrade for the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, but don’t want to pay for the most expensive TVs on our best Xbox Series X TVs list? The entry-level 2020 QLED from Samsung is currently on sale as part of Black Friday, and it’s a great set for getting on the ladder.

I use the 43-inch Q60T QLED as my primary display for Xbox Series X gaming, and media apps like Disney+ and Netflix. It’s by no means what I’d describe as the best Xbox Series X TV, owing to its sluggish processor and the fact it lacks 120hz for 120 FPS gaming and VRR FreeSync for smooth frames. However, at $438, the Q60T becomes an absurdly good deal for those who want a great smart TV on a budget.

Entry-level gaming TV

Samsung Q60T QLED TV

From $438 at Amazon

A great entry-level TV for gaming

The Samsung Q60T QLED isn’t the most ideal next-gen gaming TV out there, but for 4K 60FPS gaming, with great HDR delivery and smart TV features, it more than does the job.

I paid far, far more for my Q60T a few months ago (I should’ve waited, huh?). I wished I went for something a little more high-end, like the expensive LG CX line-up, but there simply aren’t many TVs at the 43-inch size that tick all the boxes I need for next-gen gaming.

For those on a budget, the Q60T is a great option. It’ll do 4K gaming at 60 FPS with ease, and comes with Alexa integration and HDMI-CEC to fully replace those old-school Kinect TV control features. I have mine mounted to the wall, since it supports standard VESA-style mounts, and connect up my Xbox Series X, my Nintendo Switch, and also my PC for when I need multiple displays.

If you can afford the $1,500 LG CX series TVs, you should definitely pick up one of those instead for the full 120hz FreeSync experience. But if you’re on a budget like me, the Q60T is a great entry-level option, especially starting at $438 for Black Friday.