Monitors come in all shapes and sizes, as well as prices. You can easily spend more than £1,000 on a screen for high-end PC gaming, but if you’re not planning to game much and simply need the means to view content from your PC, there are some excellent affordable monitors out there.

Up to 20% off Samsung, Dell, and HP monitors

From £75 at Amazon

If you need a new monitor but don’t feel like spending hundreds, you don’t have to if a 1080p display is all you require. Amazon has some early Black Friday deals on Samsung, Dell, and HP monitors.

There’s a promotion underway on Amazon right now that covers a few affordable displays from Samsung, Dell, and HP. These may be cheaper than monitors with G-Sync, high refresh rates, and gorgeous color reproduction, but they’re still from reputable companies with plenty to give to those who desire a simple FHD display.

The most affordable in this collection is the Dell SE2216H at just £75. This display comes with a pretty neat design with thin bezels, a robust stand with tilt capabilities, and a refresh rate of 60Hz. It’s also capable of some relatively bright reds and deep blacks. The color reproduction will be nowhere as good as more premium screens, but for the price, it’s pretty good.

Other displays in this Black Friday promotion are also worth considering like the Samsung T55, which is curved with some highlight features.