Some gamers can’t load games on their new Xbox Series X.

What you need to know

  • Some Xbox Series X consoles are crashing when trying to load games.
  • The issue occurs with specific games more than others for some users.

The Xbox Series X recently launched, but some unlucky gamers aren’t able to enjoy their new console. Several people have seen an issue that causes the Xbox Series X to crash when trying to load games.

At this point, it’s difficult to determine how widespread the issue is, but there is a growing Microsoft forum thread and a Reddit thread of people that see the issue. We’ve also received a number of reports across our own social media pages.

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Update 1 (November 11) — Quick Resume temporarily disabled for some titles

Jason Ronald from Team Xbox stated that some optimized titles may experience issues with Quick Resume. As a result, Microsoft has temporarily disabled Quick Resume for some titles and is working on a fix. It’s not confirmed if the crashing is related to Quick Resume.

Update 2 (November 11) — Some instances of the issue appear related to the Alpha Insider Ring

Some people who experienced this issue, including NoGuyTest, fixed the problem by taking their console off of the Xbox Alpha Insider ring. While some instances of the issue appear related to being on the Alpha Insider Ring, some people seem to have the issue without being on the Alpha Insider Ring.

“My Xbox Series X keeps shutting down 5-10 seconds into a game loading up. I’ve tried reinstalling the games and a full reset of the console but nothing’s working,” says the original poster of the thread, “Able Chimp.” Others have echoed running into the same issue.

One gamer, known as NoGuyTest, spoke with us about his new Xbox Series X. His console crashes when launching certain games, “especially COD Warzone,” according to NoGuyTest. When the crash occurs, the front light of the console flickers, and the Xbox Series X turns off. The crash turns his console off but leaves the controller on, requiring him to take out the batteries of the controller to reset it.

The Xbox Series X has some other known issues and bugs. Like this newly found crashing issue, it’s difficult to know how widespread the problems are at this time, but they’re are at least affecting a noticeable number of gamers.

Are you being affected by similar problems? Let us know in the comments.

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