Having a solid webcam is even more important than ever with more people working from home. With Black Friday sales in full swing, there are plenty of good options to choose from. However, this $16 Depstech webcam is likely to be one of the best deals you’ll find for the money.

Depstech 1080p webcam with privacy cover | $6.07 off

$15.92 (was $21.99)

If all you need is a good quality webcam with a crisp picture and a bit of privacy, it’s hard to beat this deal. This Depstech webcam gives you a 1080p shooter with an integrated privacy cover to flip down when you’re not in a call — all for only $16.

This Depstech webcam has everything you’d need if you just want to get together a basic setup for video chats, whether at work or with friends and family. It features a crisp 1080p image to make sure you look your best, along with a wide viewing angle so you don’t risk falling out of frame easily. The stereo microphones work together to reduce noise, making sure your voice remains clear.

The webcam also comes with automatic correction for low light. Given most of us are working from home without the benefit of beautiful studio lighting, that can be a game-changer. The included privacy cover also makes sure you won’t be seen when you don’t want to be.

Best of all, it’s easy to get set up and started using it. All you have to do is plug the camera in with the USB cable and you’re off to the races. There are no drivers or software that you need to install.

Webcams have been in short supply this year after everyone shifted to working from home. So if you’ve been holding out to get a camera for your desktop, or just want to replace your less-than-great laptop camera, you can’t go wrong for $16. If you’re looking to give your PC a little more TLC, there are also plenty of great Black Friday PC parts deals to check out as well.