If you’re lazy, like I am, then having a smart robot vacuum cleaner like one of these discounted models from ILIFE could be a genuine life-changer for you. What’s better than having something else do the vacuuming for you while you do something fun, like gaming?

Black Friday is done but now we’re barrelling towards Cyber Monday and right now you can get all-time low pricing on a couple of ILIFE robot vacuums for one day only at Amazon.

The popular ILIFE A9 is one of the best discounts. It’s down to $149.99 which is a match for its biggest ever price drop and $10 lower than even its Prime Day price.

Unlike some robot vacuums, the A9 will not just run around randomly cleaning up your floors. It uses sophisticated mapping and navigation technology and cleans in a methodical back-and-forth pattern. It won’t repeatedly go over the same spots and it won’t miss areas, while also being low enough to get underneath objects around the home.

The A9 comes with an Electrowall device. It’s a gadget you can use to create virtual barriers for your robot vacuum. It won’t cross the lines you set in place so you can keep the vacuum from going places it doesn’t belong. It just needs your iPhone or Android device to set up and you can also use your Amazon Echo and those sweet voice commands..

If you’re happy to lose some of the Wi-Fi-enabled smarts, you could go for the ILIFE V8s which actually combines a robot vacuum and mop in one device. Kill two birds with one stone for just $139.99.

Be sure to check out the complete sale to see which best fits your home, and be sure to hit up our best robot vacuum deals guide for more discounted options.