Smart LED lighting has become the norm in more homes thanks to Philips and other leading brands, but there are other vendors that are worth considering. Sengled has an A19 dual-bulb starter kit with everything you require to transform your home lighting for just $20, thanks to a $20 discount for Cyber Monday.

Sengled Smart LED Soft White A19 Starter Kit | $20 off at Best Buy

$20 at Best Buy

This smart lighting starter kit has everything you need, including two LED bulbs and a control hub. It can connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for an expansive, versatile experience.

Smart LED bulbs can cost a fair amount, so too can starter kits with control hubs, but this kit from Sengled offers great value if you’ve yet to create an ecosystem at home. Not only do you get the control hub, but also two A19 white bulbs and all the necessary cabling. While these may not be the attention-grabbing RGB bulbs, for those wanting a warm environment, these bulbs will more than suffice.

All that’s required to get everything up and running is a 2.4GHz network with some space for the hub. The Sengled Smart Home app on iOS or Android can then control all the bulbs through the network, allowing you to set levels even when not at home. With schedules and more, you can really improve your lighting at home, but the smart features don’t end there.

Should you still be using incandescent bulbs, these LED upgrades will offer up to an 80% energy saving, which will not only help the environment but bring down your energy bill slightly. The hub included with this starter kit can handle up to 64 Sengled bulbs, both color and white so you can mix and match depending on the desired room effect.

For a Cyber Monday deal, the $20 saving and $20 discounted price are brilliant to brighten up a gloomy Cyber Monday and Black Friday weekend.