Surface savings are sticking around after the holidays.

When the Razer Opus headset came onto the market, it nudged its way into a competitive space of noise-canceling over-the-ear headsets. It earned rave marks in reviews, including our own, for its comfort, THX certification, and excellent battery life. When the headset launched, it cost $200, which was at a competitive price at the time. Today, thanks to a deal on Amazon, you can grab one for just $147.

The Razer Opus headset has four microphones as part of its active noise-canceling setup. There are two microphones on the outside and two on the inside of its ear cups.

In his Razer Opus review, our executive editor Daniel Rubino says, “ANC is also excellent. I tested using a Dolby Atmos surround system while playing a few YouTube videos of ambient talking and background noise. The noise was attenuated as expected, and it even worked well with my typing on a mechanical keyboard where the sound was dampened (though not completely eliminated).”

THX and comfort

Razer Opus

Immense audio

$147 at Amazon $180 at Walmart

Razer’s mainstream Opus headphones deliver excellent comfort, long-lasting battery life, excellent ANC, with impressive audio quality, all for a lot less than the competition making them easy to recommend.

The Razer Opus headset is rated to get up to 25 hours of battery life, which should last through quite a bit of listening.

When summing up the headset, Rubino says, “The $200 ear cans are incredibly comfortable, but the THX-tuned audio punches above its price range, giving Razer a seat at the table with the big players.” Since the headset punched above its price range when it cost $200, it’s a no brainer that it’s punching way above its weight now that it’s on sale for just $147.