Become a pirate.

What you need to know

  • The Falconeer is a gorgeous aerial dogfighting game released for Xbox and PC by Tomas Sala.
  • Today, the Falconeer picks up a completely free content update with the release of ‘Atun’s Folly.’
  • ‘Atun’s Folly’ adds a new pirate settlement that rests on top of a giant turtle’s back.
  • In the free update, the Falconeer players will be able to become a pirate with new missions, side quests, and story missions.

The Falconeer is following the launch of its first paid DLC, the Hunter from earlier this year with a free content update. Atun’s Folly is releasing right now for the Falconeer on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. In the free update, players will discover the unique pirate settlement Atun’s Folly, which rests atop a giant turtle in the ocean. Players can expect new story content and more in Atun’s Folly.

In Atun’s Folly for the Falconeer, players can:

  • Explore new pirate-themed missions like taking down trading vessels, looting, and attacking marine forts. Players will earn pirate levels as they explore the Great Ursee ocean.
  • Complete a mini-story side quest by defeating legendary aces, powerful mini-boss fighters.
  • Complete a new story mission by targeting Atun’s Folly when you aren’t a pirate.
  • Defeat new legendary aces that ride vicious mounts like a Pheonix, Pteron, and Ormir Drake.
  • Dual-wield the powerful pirate magnetar rifle.
  • Other general game improvements, changes, and more.

Atun’s Folly for the Falconeer is releasing now for players on Xbox and PC. If you haven’t played the Falconeer yet, it’s available through Xbox Game Pass. You can even play it through Xbox Cloud Gaming on your mobile device. The Falconeer just missed becoming one of our best games for Xbox at its launch, but continues to improve with steady updates like Atun’s Folly.

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Falcons and dragons

The Falconeer

$30 at Microsoft
$30 at Steam

Now with optional dragons.

The Falconeer is a gorgeous Xbox console exclusive that looks and plays wonderfully on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Xbox One consoles. Take flight on a massive falcon and dominate the skies in intense battles. And, with the launch of ‘the Hunter’ DLC, you can now conquer the horizon on top of a vicious dragon.

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