On the Internet, malware is as dangerous as lies. We often talk about viruses and cyber attacks, but the overly aggressive and deceptive tactics of software monetisers are often more direct risks to users.

This is the philosophy of AppEsteem, the organisation that scans software applications aiming to clean up the net. Their filtering not only removes programs that put viruses on your computer, but also eliminates those that they consider to be deceptors. In other words, liars. From this filtering comes their lists of potentially unwanted applications (PUA) and unwanted software (UwS).

This is where Panda Security comes in. In our quest to protect Internet users and to promote the development of a safe network, we help in this search and removal of deceptive apps. And we are not bad at it: according to the results of the latest AppEsteem test, Panda Dome achieves a conclusive 100% risk blocking rate.
“No peace for the wicked”. Panda Dome, 2021

“No peace for the wicked”. Panda Dome, 2021

Panda Dome is thus confirmed as a benchmark Deceptor Fighter according to AppEsteem. We are delighted to share this achievement, which we add to our 100% detection rate in AV-Comparatives tests, confirming our perseverance at the forefront of cybersecurity.

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