Elden Ring fans have been making some truly spectacular fan art. Here are our favorite pieces.

The fanbase that has been patiently waiting for news on FromSoftware’s upcoming action RPG Elden Ring exploded in hype and excitement when a new trailer for the game was shown off during the Summer Game Fest ahead of the main E3 2021 show, and ever since then, the community has been making incredible fan art that celebrates just how awesome Elden Ring looks. Here’s a showcase of some of the best art pieces we’ve seen from talented Elden Ring fans.

First up is this beautiful GIF from @voidpeaches that shows an adorable Tarnished riding their mount. I’m a huge fan of the chibi art style and the expressions of both the Tarnished character and the mount. I also really like the colors used and the cute little three-frame animation of the GIF.

Next is @@7albi’s drawing of a Tarnished, their mount, and the tall boss knight lady from the Elden Ring trailers. I really enjoy how “soft” this artwork is, and I also really like the detail on all the characters. The colors also pop nicely, too.

@OjanRezaeiArt’s drawing of the steel-clad knight seen in the trailer features lots of awesome detail, especially in the cape and the armor’s fur. The gray steel contrasts nicely with the dark red background as well. The perspective is sweet, too, as it looks like the knight is in the middle of swinging his greatsword.

Speaking of knights, I love the drawing that @KazakhPanda did of the wolf knight in the trailer. In particular, I really like the lighting and shadow work as well as the rough, yet precise style the artist used.

Next is @Berardbro’s abstract piece of several of the characters seen in the trailer. I’m a huge fan of how expressive the characters look in this style, and I also like how much the colors pop against the purple-ish background.

@auroraunity_’s drawing of the steel-clad knight features an incredible amount of detail, and I especially love how the lighting in the picture reflects off of the knight’s armor. The green and red leaves in the background also help the knight contrast against the background well, which is sweet.

What about that giant dragon from the trailer? @steel_neck’s artwork of it is gorgeous and intimidating. I particularly enjoy how the red lightning bolt lights up the environment, as well as how menacing the dragon looks.

Last but certainly not least is @wildarrow’s adorable drawing of the Pot Goblin that Elden Ring fans are going crazy for mingling with a Crystal Lizard from Dark Souls. The style of this piece is beautiful and clean, and the colors contrast perfectly with the white background. Plus, it’s super cute!

Your thoughts

Which piece of fan art is your favorite? Have you seen others you love that we didn’t include here? Let us know. Elden Ring is expected to arrive on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One consoles, and Windows 10 (and Windows 11) PCs come January 22, 2022. It may end up being one of the best Xbox One role-playing games ever, so we can’t wait to play it. Notably, it’s available for preorder for $60 right now. For more on Elden Ring, check out why I think Elden Ring looks absolutely incredible and has restored my humanity.

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